Time for a Clean Break

A couple in a failing relationship might try several times to reignite it, but lack of compatibility could make it impossible for them to share their lives. The emotional pain from each encounter could damage them, and they might decide it is time for a clean break. This would tend to be their best decision, but it can still be difficult to accomplish. Each of them might want to try one more time, so finding ways to keep away from each other could be a necessity.

True love does not always triumph over all, and a lack of compatibility often means a relationship will be painful over the long term. Getting away from a partner and moving on is important, but there should be a time of healing. It is during that time when a person is most vulnerable to overtures of continuing the relationship, so they should make sure they are not available to their former partner.

A clean break is not always easy to achieve because running into the other person or meeting mutual friends can complicate the situation. Taking employment in another country could be a good idea, or even moving to a new neighbourhood might solve the problem. Going out with only family and friends to places where the couple never went together could be another good solution. Avoiding chance meetings is the goal, and walking away when the other person appears is for the best.

It can be painful to leave a beloved partner, but lack of compatibility will cause only pain over time. People can change, but leaving behind everything they are is not good for anyone. Old feelings, habits, and even disastrous decisions can come back to haunt the pair if they try to continue a relationship that does not work. The pain of a break could feel overwhelming, but the freedom to find love with someone compatible will eventually help heal it.